Takestar moving systems is the new and most innovative way to move your household goods across town in a secure, affordable rate guaranteed.

Takestar founder have noticed that for decades, moving companies have been taking advantage of the uncertain, unreliable regulations of the transportation industry which are quoting you one price, and the day of the move, jack up the prices substantially higher. Customers always complain of hidden fees, delayed hourly charges, and damages.

Takestar is been in business since 2012. We started with our local pick-up and delivery service, and earned our customer trust and  respect by providing guaranteed flat prices, instead of uncertain hourly rates.

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1431 Ocean Ave suite 1104, Santa Monica, CA 90401

TakeStar - Trucks


Good for A few items or a studio apartment.


Holds an average studio or possibly a small one-bedroom.


Recommended for a 2 bedroom and above. Available sizes from 16 foot to 24 foot.


Incase you have a bit extra. Attached to a pick-up truck or a cargo van, and you can move up to a 2 bedroom.